Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day

Even though the name ‘Valentine’ is related to religion, legend has it that there was a priest in Rome named “Saint Valentine” who was imprisoned for supporting the early Christians, which is why he was persecuted as a Christian himself, until he was eventually executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II.

Through the years, the legends and traditions in Europe gave way to the Anglo- American customs that we now know; Valentine’s is a day connected to romantic love and largely celebrated by couples asking their loved ones to be “my Valentine”. It’s traditional to send out letters, give chocolate and decorate with flowers, hearts and cupids to celebrate love.

There is a Valentine’s poem, adapted from a famous nursery rhyme from the collection by Gammer Gurton’s Garland, which has become cliché:

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Roses are red, violets are blue 

The honey is sweet and so are you!

This day, however, it’s not all about love. Friendship is also celebrated.

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